BNA provides clients with a broad spectrum of services, from initial material testing and market research, to overseeing design, installation and operation and maintenance (O&M) for a final system. BNA partners with leading manufacturers of material processing equipment to design and engineer systems to best meet clients’ needs.


Testing Services:


Phase I Product Development


Phase I material evaluation involves multiple tests using various technologies to modify a raw material in ways that add value. BNA laboratory technicians will work to create an end-product of the appropriate size, shape, hardness, composition, etc. to meet the requirements of the target end-market. A preliminary program analysis during this phase focuses our design team on end-products that can be made within our client’s budget, considering the necessary cycle time and total annual volume of material to beneficiated. The specific testing protocol and goals will be discussed with the client before testing and after the material sample(s) have been received at the lab.


Phase II Product Development


A second testing and evaluation phase — to confirm the protocol using a larger material quantity and production size equipment — is also available. These test results help determine approximate end-product production rates, system design and capital costs.


Additional Services:


Market Research


Raw Material Brokerage


Coordination of Chemical Analysis Testing


Coordination of ASTM Certification Testing


System Design


End Product Marketing, Sales


System Installation, Project Management


System Operation and Maintenance